Friday, October 09, 2009

Our Ocracoke Week

Our week at Ocracoke this year was very good.?? I heard more than once, and maybe even said myself, that this was our best year ever.?? Not sure exactly why this was, except that I believe it was a little more relaxed than normal.?? Apparently, we were all in a positive place in our biorhythm cycle!?? We enjoyed long bike rides, exhausting aerobics exercise classes, fabulous meals and wonderful stretches on the beach.??

Joy and Sallie even got in a full day of shopping at all the thrift stores along Hwy 12.The boys (and yes, that includes Pell) were great during the whole week.?? They played hard and had lots of fun on the beach and around town.?? Hunter did some solo rides around town on his bike.?? I think he enjoyed the independence of that.?? Walker never wanted to be more than a few feet from his mom, and even went shopping all day with here and Sallie on Wednesday.?? She said he was great!?? Hunter caught quite a few fish and showed us up at times.

Joy managed to hook a big fish or two.?? She also managed to do her usual of keeping all our clothes washed and our things organized.?? Me and the boys do not possess the gift of organization, so we depend on Joy for our our structure.?? I am not sure she appreciates that need all the time.?? Joy loves the beach though, and she usually gets the most from it.??

And me??? I like to have slow, relaxing mornings, event filled afternoons and great dinners in the evenings.?? So I wasn't disappointed.?? Throw in the great friends we had at the beach (Katherine and Steven Green with Emma, Jerry Green and Ray Green) and it all comes up roses.?? Joy and I are already trying to plan another trip.?? Maybe at my birthday (November).?? Or our anniversary (April).?? Or Christmas (Joy says "no way").?? Whenever it is, we know it will be very nice!



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