Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hunter's Hunter Safety Education Course.

Hunter attended classes today and got his Hunter Safety Certification that is required of all new hunters before getting a license. It is a three day course that takes about 10 hours of class time to complete. Hunter took the class in Siler City, which is a good distance away, but if we had waited on the class to be in Moore County, it would have probably been in the summer or fall. Hunter was excited, and I wanted to strike while the iron was hot!

Hunter, at ten, was the youngest participant in the class. His classes went from 5:30 pm through 9 pm. He attended all three days by himself while Joy, Brittney, Walker and myself went to Pittsboro or Asheboro or stayed around Siler City and burned up time shopping or just kicking around. Tonight was the last night, and Hunter was excited as he would get to take the test tonight. He was confident that he would do well, as he listened intently during the class periods. When the test was over, he had made 100! According to his instructer, he was the only one. Woo Hoo Hunter.

It has been good to see Hunter excited about taking this class. I think we are seeing something of his future today. He excels when something grabs his attention. He also doesn't seem to mind putting himself in groups with more experience and age. I hope that Hunter can take what he has learned here and have a lifetime of safe hunting experiences!

The above is a picture of Hunter at the classroom in Siler City. Congratulations Hunter!

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Brothers Love

Hunter and Walker Love each other. 

I know, because I see it every day.  I know that this is what brother's are supposed to do, but not all do it.  You can see that Hunter is protective and kind to Walker and in Walker, it is admiration for Hunter that shows.  They just love doing things together.

They both like gadgets!

Outside thrills them

Throwing rocks together can be a team sport

Having a big brother on "the team" can be pretty cool

Playing together at the MartinFarm water park can be fun

Just being brothers is cool enough

But trying to blog about all the fun they have had before going to bed...

Can just be too much!

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Christmas was Groovy

Had a great Christmas this year on the MartinFarm.  The only thing wrong with it was that a bunch of the family got sick.  A nasty respiratory bug going around that seemed to be particularly nasty.  Brittney had it first, but so far it has trickled its way all through the Martin household, striking everyone to some degree, save me (yes, that is the sound of knocking on wood). 

Everyone got a bunch of  Christmas presents that they seemed to like.  I got a 25-06 barrel for my Encore and a stand for my super baby Q grill.  Hunter got a Ruger 77 Rifle in .220 Swift.  He seems thrilled.    He also got a DS lite.  Joy got three (don't ask me why, Santa just couldn't make up his mind) cross necklaces.  She also got a super cool Garmin Nuvi.  Brittney got a bunch of stuff, including about 6 gift cards to everywhere, a new screen for her Macbook, clothes, and a bunch of other stuff. And Walker got tons of toys, including Thomas the train stuff, a remote controlled car and a battery powered ride on John Deere lawnmower with trailer. Danielle also got a lot of stuff sent to Sallie and Chubbys in Texas, including money and clothes, but I do not believe she has picked it up yet. 

All and all, a pretty groovy Christmas, wouldn't you say?


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Trip to Washington DC

We recently took a trip to Washington for two days. Joy had to go to
meetings during the days, but Hunter and I got to roam around the
downtown area, seeing the sights and eating the goodies. We walked a
long ways, but saw a lot. It was great fun and we would like to do it
again. Look out, Gloria! You may be getting house guests.

Hunter and I lost on the Metro. Trying to buy tickets while knowing nothing. Finally found a friendly face that helped us out.

Joy showing her stuff on the ice. She was looking pretty good if I do say so. A real snow bunny. MY snow bunny.

Here I am on the ice trying to show off for my wife. Is it working Joy? Boy that ice is harder than it looks!

Hunter on the mall at dusk. We had a great day, although Hunter said
that I stayed way too long in the history museum. I just had to see
those ruby red slippers.

Joy and Hunter in front of the White House and beside the national Christmas tree.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Few Christmas Pictures

Here are a few pictures we have taken recently!  We had a great trip to Washington and have been to a few Christmas parties. 


My Birthday Trip to Sparta

Joy and I went to Sparta, NC over my birthday and stayed at a rental called the "Mahogany Rock House". We stayed two nights and had a wonderful time. A surprise snow storm came early on our first morning and turned the world into a truly mystical place. We went for a short drive on the Blue Ridge parkway and had it all to ourselves. No other people, wind causing the snow to swirl and twist. There were no sounds except for the snow blowing and no sights except beauty.

Sparta was also fun. Just big enough to have some places to hang out and a few restaurants, but still "local". There are several gift/art shops in town and a coffee shop (with WIFI, woo hoo!). I am beginning to make it a favorite destination. Expect to see me back. Also, the drive approaches being perfect. It is only 2.5 hours and is very scenic, goes by Greensboro, has a stop off at Pilot Mountain State Park for Scenic views and a stop off at the town of Pilot Mountain for more diversions and an excellent restaurant.

So thank you Joy for a wonderful birthday and excellent companionship!

The Mahogany Rock House

Parkway Magic

The View from our house

Joy on Pilot Mountain



This is a picture of the Amberjack that I caugt in '07 off Ocracoke, NC.  Kind of looks like a large sardine!  Can you imagine how I smelt later that day?


A few nice pictures from our recent trip to Sparta.