Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Braves begin! BB Season Fall 2009 Aberdeen Rec

A busy Tuesday! Work as usual for me. Walker to pre-school until 12. Hunter out of school early today. Then......mini-kickers from 4-5. watching these 3 year olds run around chasing the ball, many not knowing what to do, some crying, some just sitting. One can't help but smile! Hunter's soccer practise from 5-6. He was quite unique in his attire. I think his excitement over his first baseball game at 7pm, he decided to wear his new baseball pants to soccer practise.....three grass stains later, we are off to the baseball field. We were going to "tail-gate" with pizza before the game, but again, the enthusiasm was greater than hunger! Baseball is so much more fun when its your kid playing! 2nd base! Wow! He played well. He had a hit, a walk and strike out. He almost caught a fly ball! He stopped a couple of grounders! He encouraged his team! And he had a great cheerleading section - mom, dad, Walker- who cheered with his snoring in my lap, Grandmother and Granddaddy, Kevin and Andrew with Steve and Nancy! We even got a wave of acknowledgement from the field! Again, baseball is so much better live than watching it sleepily from the couch. We are the BRAVES, too. How cool is that? Busy day, but good day overall! (by the way, we lost 8:9 :(

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