Friday, April 16, 2010

The night the lights went out in Wilmington!

So...the strangest thing happened.....
I have always enjoyed staying at Tim's brother's place in Wilmington. A nice comfortable house that looks out over the inland waterway. The house sits off from the road. Spacious deck on the back of the house. A small back yard that has a drop off of about 4 feet that is a swampy area until you get to waterway. The pier is long and has a nice sitting area and there is the boat dock.
Very relaxing! Well......usually!
It's 11:30 at night and we are getting ready for bed. There is a loud thump/pop! Made me think of the Christmas tale "I heard such a clatter, I jumped to my feet to see what was the matter!" Tim's response was "It's upstairs. I heard it last night." Our friends that were upstairs heard it. They thought it was us in the garage. Curious minds (mine) wanted to know. I walk into the dining area and look up at the ceiling in wonder. In the corner of my eye, I see a reflection in the glass doors. I head that direction and it appears that there is someone in the back yard. I'm a little freaked out because why would there be someone in the backyard? Are they burglars? I rush to get Tim. I shout that there is someone in the back yard. I run back to the dining room. I then venture out onto the deck and what do I see? But a car! Yes, in the back yard. There is no drive way or walk way back there. What in the world? worse...there is a person passed out on the driver's side. I enjoyed a glass of wine earlier in the evening. I rarely consume so I'm wondering if I'm seeing things! I run back to find my husband in the same position he was in when I hollered the first go around. He's in the bathroom reading the paper. When I share that not only is there a person, but a car in the backyard! and the driver is unresponsive! He did finally look up with curiosity. Now to a nurse, unresponsive is not a good thing. I then race to the front door and yell at my friend to come help! She is brushing her teeth with tooth paste all over her face. She thinks I'm messing with her and joking! What is it with my hubby and friends?
I run around the side of the house and then suddenly it occurs to me that someone might be on drugs or they might have a gun! Why else wouldn't I be thinking wild things! There was a car in the back yard! I walk cautiously to the driver side of the car. Tap on the window. She gently stirs. I slowly open the door while placing my hand on her to keep her falling out the door. And then she woke up.....Uh oh! Stubborn and determined was this young drunk lady. out of the car, down on the ground. Up on her feet, back to the car. Attempted to start the car but I quickly reached in the grab the keys....Wrong!! A quick grab of hair from the back of my head. She shared a few choice words and she was going to whip my white *%*@. I go running to throw the keys up to Tim who is up on the deck watching the excitement while talking to 911. Although I sped like lightening fearful for my life, I was saved by her stumble to the ground, then a tumble down the hill, then upright to share a few choice comments again. By this time, my husband has come to the rescue and allows me to talk to 911. I go inside to get her a blanket because what tiny little bit she was wearing made me cold! Eventually, what seemed like forever, the fire truck, the EMS, two trooper cars and a Sherriff's deputy drove up. She shared with the cops that she was partying with us! I guess you could call it that! The hand cuffs were pretty bracelets but she decided they didn't fit with her attire and wingled out of them. They were quick to fit them to her size next go around. Soon thereafter, she took a the front seat of the police car. What a night!

The neighbors on both sides never stirred. No one came outside to "see what was the matter". It appears she had driven down the drive next door. Kept driving straight, amazingly didn't hit any of the cars , but instead smashed into the air conditioning unit. She couldn't go very far, so she steered around it to find the covering of the pump house in her the 4 foot drop off into the ocean. She swirved to the right and wa la! Ends up in their back yard. Fortunately she stopped and turned off the car. very bizarre. Come to find out, she had a previous DWI. I finally understand what MADD represents! Although my children were never in jeopardy, they could have been. Not to mention the empty car seat that was in her backseat! I pray she gets help!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring break April 2010

This has been spring break for Hunter and Brittney is off for her spring break as well.
What was originally planned for them to travel out west ended up being staying in NC.
A couple of days on the farm, then a trip to MooreHead city, the aquarium and a state park.
Tim and the boys and Brittney ended up in Wilmington on Thursday night.

I have joined them this afternoon. I worked half a day, got gas in the van, picked up the dry cleaning, unloaded the car, did two loads of laundry, made cupcakes and brownies, washed the dishes, gathered the needed items Tim requested, packed my clothes, packed lots of food, watered the fish, fed the fish, fed the cat, watered Tim's plants/herbs/ fed and watered the roosters, gathered the eggs, fed the guineas, fed the hens, checked on the little chicks, loaded the car, loaded the dog, loaded the rodent and away I drove. Whew!

Weather is beautiful. I'm hopeful it will remain that way for the weekend.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

A night on the farm!

Ahh! Sleep! Up early, busy day at work, fourth night in a row up late to get caught up with school. Head on pillow, eyes closed....peaceful....

And then there was this rattling noise. My eyes open, up I go to discover that Brittney's gerbil has decided to excercise on his merry-go-round wheel. Off to the opposite end of the house and behind the bedroom door he goes. Back to to la la land!

Up I jumped...I arose from such a fright...Pell, the dog is barking and growling and scratching at the window. What in the world? I see the outside cat scramble fast out of sight...low and behold a creature has taken up the cat's perch on the window ledge. He sits with his big eyes looking at me, looking at Pell. Most wild animals would run scared when a human approached them, but not this one. As I walk toward the window, he just sits and stares. This possum was not playing possum. I tap on the window and much to my dismay, he sits. I' m wondering if he is sick or rabid. He sits. He yawns. He remains perched. Even the sound of the dog yapping and barking doesn't frighten him. Is this thing deaf? Is he so dumb he doesn't know that the mean vicous dog could eat him alive? I sit and watch and wonder what to do. It's 1:30 in the morning. Tim is away with the kids. I could get the gun, but then to find the bullets. But I couldnt' shoot him. It would bust out my window. I considered grabbing the broom. It has worked for women shooing critters for hundreds of years. Do I dare? I continue to sit and contemplate my dilemma. I consider calling to wake my husband but decide he wouldn't hear his phone because of his CPAP. I text Brittney instead. "R Yall awake?" What they could have helped with I don't know, but sharing my situation was needed. The phone book is the next idea. Perhaps the animal control people would come out at 2 in the morning and help. I would have to lead them to believe he might be sick. And then, as I consider how long it would take them to get to our house, the critter begins to stir. He looks at me as if to say, "I'm done now. I'm off to my next adventure." He turns, smells the cat's food and saunters away. I was stunned! My beauty sleep had been interuppted for...????
I'm immediately frustrated at Tim...its an ongoing joke between us that everything happens when he is away. :) So, back to the warmth of my bed and the comfort of my pillow. I prayed that all the animals in the world would slumber for a few hours as well....