Friday, November 24, 2006

A bonfire to remember!

For the third year in a row, Steve and Nancy have graciously hosted all the Martin's and Slates to a bonfire at their home. We enjoyed Brunswick stew and chili and all kinds of more good food. As if Thanksgiving hadn't stretched our bellies enough! Its fun for all - visiting and being with family. The kids get to enjoy a hay ride and lots of hot melted marshmellows and s'mores! YUmmm! Me? I'm inside because this Texas girl will never get acclimated to the cold NC winters - even if tonight is really not that cold! So, another blissful moment in the lives of the Martin's! Life is good!

Monday, November 20, 2006

It's his 46th!

Today is my sweet husband's 46th birthday! He just keeps getting sweeter and more handsome as the years go by. He enjoyed a hard day at work! We did celebrate with cake and ice cream. Although I was threatened not to embarass him at work, several of his female co-workers did me proud and sang Happy Birthday! Later we opened presents with his new Crocks being the highlight! A new pair of PJ's and a NC STate coffee mug - oh yea! Hunter was excited to encourage his team! Nevertheless, the Tarheel girl shared from the UNC campus via the phone! We love you Dad!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mother of 4?

I often get asked, "How many kids do you have?" When I say four, the response is more of an open-mouth gasp rather than a "Awesome!". Years ago families were bigger than the current national average of 2.5. Is it because we are more selfish with our time? busier with careers? busy filling each moment with things to do? not wanting to be poor because kids are not cheap? Maybe a little of all, but then again, we don't have the big farms to tend to which needed more warm bodies. I have the best of all worlds - wonderful kids who, for the most part, are pretty good kids! I have a loving, supportive husband as well as a good career that I enjoy - well the nursing part, not the stress! So, my response to the gasp is "It's a great life!"

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Children at all ages

Anyone who is a mother can relate to "not enough hours in the day". The chores and day-to-day activities are endless and even when you feel you've got something accomplished (i.e. the laundry, the dishes, the floors) its all ready for you to do again in a matter of hours. Then you have the trials and tribulations of each child at different stages in their lives. For instance, Brittney is 19, almost 20. Very responsible and independent. Yet as a mother, I worry about her driving, walking late on campus, getting enough sleep and eating right, and "why hasn't she called?". Danielle, however, is a different kind of worry. Will she interact with the right kind of kids at school? Will she become independent some day? Will she make the right decisions? Hunter, at the age of 8, 3rd Grade - are the kids nice to him at school? He is so smart about some things, but can he be consistent in all areas? Will he get hurt playing soccer? Now, let's add Walker - the infant - to the list of worries - taking steps? putting what in his mouth? throwing a fit about what? For all the glory we get for being moms, it doesn't come without a head full of all kinds of stuff, some sleepless nights, a few tears, but lots of hugs!

Danielle's Cruise Mobile

After looking high and low - remember who the searcher is? - well, the deal of the month was found. Its a 1994 four door, dark gray Nissan Sentra. Perfect size, great gas mileage and the absolute steal of a price tag! Danielle is so excited! Now....the training begins! We hope to follow Mama Beulah's trick of learning how to drive around the pasture! We'll see. Our little girl is growing up and working on her independence. Next step--a job!

Halloween - Trick or Treat?

Halloween is Tim's favorite holiday. Not sure why - perhaps he feels justification for the "witchiness" in the world, if only for a day! Walker enjoyed being a big fat pumpkin. Even left his hat on for a while! Hunter dressed up as a wizard! His wand had all kinds of magic since it kept disappearing!, but it always seemed to be found. Danielle enjoyed being an observer rather than a participant. 17 year olds just don't do those kind of things. Brittney on the other hand, at the age of 19, dressed up as a cat and strolled loud, busy Franklin street at Chapel Hill. The night was filled with lots of treats and visiting with friends and family for all.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day Care Blues

There comes a time in every man's life....blah! blah! blah! We have been blessed to have wonderful grandparents to care for Walker as an infant. We knew months ago, that in October, Walker would be going to day care. We started a little each day, but two weeks into it and the separation anxiety persists. Walker is doing fine. Mom, however..... Well actually his new caregiver struggles with his tears trying to decide - is it his cold? teething? not taking a good nap during the day? or just missing Grandmother? Whichever the reason, he's not always his happy-go-lucky self. My morning drive to work no longer allows me the peace and quiet to prepare for the day. Instead I'm overwhelmed with the tears that are soon to come, the sadness in his eyes and the heaviness in my heart. Perhaps persistance will pay off and enjoying the day will come for him. Once more I envy those mom's that stay at home. Yet I'm also smart enough to know that working is good for me - psychologically and financially, so the battle of emotions shall rage on!