Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Sunflower Patch

One of my favorite flowers is a sunflower. This admiration stems from the hundreds and hundreds found growing wild on the Texas highway every year. Once I moved to NC, its only on our annual trip home that I get to smile at their wild beauty. I did use them as part of our home decor when we lived in our 150 year old love shack - but the pretty fake ones only give me a glimmer into the sites of home. However, my sweet hubby, knowing me so well, came upon an area where sunflowers had been planted row after row after row. They were beautiful! Why a farmer in Tobacco land wanted to plant them, who knows? Sunflower seeds? dove hunting? Hmm? Maybe he loved his wife so much, he planted them for her? We can dream. Anyway, earlier this summer in July, while our Tarheel girl was home,we all loaded up for a moment in the sun---sunflower field that is. Although it felt we were trespassing, especially when the dogs down the road came barking--but my family indulged me for a few photos. Hunter wanted to play hide-n-seek. Danielle just wanted to go. Walker wanted to touch and grab them. Brittney was just Brittney and helping all have fun. A delightful sunshiney day!

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