Sunday, August 27, 2006

My husband

This is my husband. Cute, huh? Tall, dark headed, and handsome. Yes, I know. Some catch! He is a wonderful friend and an awesome dad. He has lots of hobbies - hunting, fishing, making pottery, cooking, computers, and the list goes on. I rarely find time to enjoy a hobby, so I get my thrills through his. Where am I going with this, you wonder? Well, as I was cleaning my kitchen this morning, I see in my cabinet: three bags of different types of Espresso, two bags of different kinds of coffee beans, two cans of coffee (Folgers and Yuban) (the only normal types available) and four bags of different types of coffee - Millstone Dark Roast, Jamaican Blue ??, Paul Newman's Breakfast something or other and Eight O'Clock Columbian roast. We have enough coffee to last 6 months. Don't get me wrong- I am addicted to my cup, well really its a mug - a huge mug - of morning java! I enjoy it with half-n-half - not liquid non-dairy creamer. My husband too is addicted. However, his addiction is more complicated than mine. He recently invested in a ------Cappachino machine! Granted, I was expecting a gigantic machine with gadgets on every side, but this one is compact and fits nicely under the cabinets. It does take a rather busy 6 minutes to create his morning fix, but he enjoys it all the same.
Now, let me use this as a segway into his previous feddishes (is that a word?) Anyway, we went through: 50 different kinds of juice, but not ordinary juice, it was the kind you find in the Mexican food isle of the grocery store. We had nectars, we had Guava something, pineapple, strawberry, peach (yuk!), pear, and any other fruit you can think of. I don't even think some of them were a fruit.
Then, he went thru a stage of hot teas - yes, a cup of hot tea. This is the guy who does not like his coffee hot, but he did enjoy hot tea---for awhile anyway. We tried: Earl Grey, Lady grey, flavored tea with what?, green tea, lipton tea, Darjeeling tea, English breakfast tea and many others - which by the way, many are still in the cabinet, - but he did finish this session of interest with the Irish Breakfast tea being his favorite.
Next on the list of exciting things to learn about was: No- he is not a wino, just interested in different things. We gave lots of bottles of wine as gifts, but not without him researching - did you know there are white wines, red wines, Chardonnays, blush, dry wines, Pinot Griogio (something like that, I can't even pronounce it!) Cabernet Sauvinagh and more, but this would seem to simple. There are hundreds and hundreds of different brands of each. Some from Italy, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Columbia and the 50 different states in the US.
We even had fun looking for a wine called the Funky Llama - this is no joke.
Another interest he has had recently was 100's of different kinds of fish. I'll not even try to name all of them. Nor will I go into the stories about the different kinds of goats, chickens, ducks, or dogs. All in all, his interest and desire to learn and understand takes us all on interesting journeys, bizarre conversations and lots of fun. I guess that's why I love him so!
Lucky for him, there's only one type of me. That search ended 9 and 1/2 years ago!


Anonymous said...

You forget fathering, beekeeping, computer shopping, sending his college girl some money *ahem*, farming, *$cough cough$* and appliances in general. Come on now... listing all of Dad's hobbies on one hand? You can do better.... :)

i love you!

mamabird said...

I have always been amazed by my Uncle Tim's varied interests. He is a seeker for sure. I didn't know about the cappucino machine -- as a former barista, I'm definitely going to have to try that puppy out the next time I'm down there!

Y'all are a great pair. I'm so glad to be related to both of you!