Sunday, March 08, 2009

A beautiful Sunday afternoon!

It's a beautiful day in March! The weather is quite different than a week ago. Last weekend we had 6 inches of rain, followed by 2-3 inches of snow and very cold weather. Today it is currently 72 degrees. Tim and the boys are planting long-leaf pines. The other two "boys" (Riley and Pell) our two Brittany Spaniels, are galloping in the field, barking and the birds in the trees who seem to chipper at them "Ha! Ha! You can't catch me!"
Walker has been a big help by driving his battery operated John Deer Tractor. He has picked up pine cones and dumped them in the "forest". He has shown mom how independent he is with gathering the eggs - from the arc and the hen house. You can tell he has done this more than once - from the details of placing the broom in front of the door so the wind won't shut it and lock him in (Dad has done that more than once), to the latching of "hooks" on the ends of the arc. He even knows to gently place the eggs in the bucket. Today also brings a graduating moment for Walker. We allowed him to go from 1st speed to 2nd speed on his tractor. Wow! His excited smile showed he thought he was a big boy like his brother. So, off he cruises with mom close behind, wearing his new sunglasses and enjoying a day on the farm.

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