Saturday, March 07, 2009

Badin Rd Drive-IN Theatre

In our busy lives, the relationship of husband and wife is often not a priority with work and kids,the to "do list" and the chaos of living life. Tim has tried to encourage a date night every other Friday - we did great for about 3 events and then reality interfered. Oh well! We still enjoy sitting on the couch together and just hanging out - the dogs wrestling, Walker riding his Big Wheels and Hunter on his video game. Oh yea - the phone ringing, the cat meowing at the door, the dryer humming, the oven buzzer, the TV wide open - its quite enchanting evening!
Saturday brought a trip to Wal-mart together! Its the simply things in a relationship that matter. :) Then, Tim was placed on-call at work, much to his dismay. Me? I'm trying to come up with a hundred ways to avoid homework. (It's a dreadfully boring - theory and research.) So, the lightbulb goes off and I have a brillaint idea. We head to the drive-in on Badin Rd in Albermarle, NC. We've been about three times and always enjoy it.
As a kid, one of my fun memories was loading up in my dad's old International jeep. We would have hot dogs wrapped in cheese and a flour tortilla. Often times we would even have polish kielbasa sausage wrapped in the flour tortillas. There was always a cooler full of ice cold drinks. I hope maybe my dad and mom can enjoy that feeling again on one of their trips here.

And then as I grew older, the back row at the drive -in was a place for the teenagers to hang out. It was always fun to "hide" someone or one(s) to see if we could get a good deal: 5 for the price of 3. :)

Smokey and the Bandit, Grease and Urban Cowboy were some of the movies I remember.

Two movies - $5. popcorn and drinks - $10. Date night with my husband - $priceless.
For our Wal-mart trip there was Visa!

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