Monday, February 12, 2007

Roscoe the Cat

One of the wonderful attributes of my loving husband is he truly searches and searches and then searches some more to find the best deal and to always feel good about his purchase. Well, Tim decided - maybe it was Brittney that encouraged, No – it was Danielle that wanted a fuzzy hairball. It definitely was not Hunter. Walker didn’t even know what a kitty was. I’m not the animal lover of the crew, but for simplicity sake we’ll say “we” decided that a feline creature would be a nice addition to our list of pets – the dogs, the ferret and the fish. Tim and the kids researched it online. Traveled to the local animal shelters, visited PetSmart, looked in the classifieds, but without success. None seemed to have the pizzazz a Martin family cat required. A trip to Greensboro – to a PetSmart – and waoloa! The perfect cat was found – Roscoe P. Coaltrain! An application to adopt a pet was submitted, vet references were checked- oops! Angus, our Border Colliee, needed some up-to-date rabies shots – but otherwise we appeared on paper to be a family worthy of adopting a cat. $100 later, four phone calls and a visit to our home to ensure we were acceptable parents , he was delivered. Scratches, hisses and growls from him, a happy wagging tail from Pell –our Brittany,- squeals of delight from Walker and excitement from Danielle –would lead you to believe it was a perfect union. And then reality set in……..Stay tuned for the Roscoe/Martin family saga!

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