Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Day Care Blues

There comes a time in every man's life....blah! blah! blah! We have been blessed to have wonderful grandparents to care for Walker as an infant. We knew months ago, that in October, Walker would be going to day care. We started a little each day, but two weeks into it and the separation anxiety persists. Walker is doing fine. Mom, however..... Well actually his new caregiver struggles with his tears trying to decide - is it his cold? teething? not taking a good nap during the day? or just missing Grandmother? Whichever the reason, he's not always his happy-go-lucky self. My morning drive to work no longer allows me the peace and quiet to prepare for the day. Instead I'm overwhelmed with the tears that are soon to come, the sadness in his eyes and the heaviness in my heart. Perhaps persistance will pay off and enjoying the day will come for him. Once more I envy those mom's that stay at home. Yet I'm also smart enough to know that working is good for me - psychologically and financially, so the battle of emotions shall rage on!

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