Monday, October 02, 2006

Ocracoke Island, NC 2006

All year we look forward to our trip to "the island". My mom and dad fly in from Texas and enjoy a week full of sun, fun, beach and sand, fishing, eating, and non-stop chatter of grandkids!
This year my little brother Jerry and his son Rowdy joined us as well. Although I always feel guilty for the long expensive plane ride, then the long 6 hr drive to the Island, along with the relaxing, but long 2 and 1/2 hr ferry ride, my family takes it all in stride and goes with the flow. This year was a blast. Walker, Jerry and Rowdy's first trip! We fished, played beach football, attempted the skim board, fished some more, escaped a shark, rode in the back of the truck in the cold and in the rain, dug lots of holes, ate and ate and ate, rode bikes, watched movies, enjoyed the local coffee shop, did some shopping, listened to some folk music, went sight-seeing, enjoyed the local hang out as well as Howard's Pub and took over 500 pictures. Most importantly we were all together enjoying just being a family! Until next year........

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