Friday, June 07, 2013

Sweet Pea Hostel

Hunter and I are staying at the Sweet Pea Hostel in Asheville. My home here in Asheville! (Thanks to Brittney for introducing me). Had a great time yesterday and hit all the normal spots including Dobra Tea, Rosetta's Kitchen and Malaprop's Book Store. Also went to the LAB last night for the first time to watch the NBA finals with Hunter. Good game.

Asheville was very tame last night. I guess because it was a Thursday. Streets were quiet and all businesses were unfilled. Even was relatively quiet at bedtime here at the Sweet Pea. I didn't sleep with earplugs! The one downside to the Sweet Pea is that it is located above a very loud bar with live music.

Hunter at the Sweet Pea

Hunter is fun to be with. Always pleasant and kind. Always agreeable. Loves discussion and debate. Can talk about anything with insight. Never boring. Traveling with Hunter makes the day go fast.

Has been a good trip and always good to be with Hunter. I saw the following ad for an app yesterday that reminded me again of what I always know: These times are fleeting and priceless. Once they are gone they won't come back, even though there would be no limit to what I would do to have them back. Thanks for spending your time with me, Hunter!

We will be leaving later today for home. Can't wait to do it again!

Location:N Lexington Ave,Asheville,United States

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