Saturday, October 06, 2012

WEE Fall Festival

e\Enjoying the simple things in life helps us truly enjoy life! Although it was not planned, Walker, Hunter and I stopped at the West End Elementary Fall Festival last night. This is not the elementary school that Walker attends, but it has been the one all the other three kids have gone to. Some weird change in the zoning placed Walker at West Pine Elementary, about 6 miles down the road. Nonetheless, the festival is filled with so many people from the community. A lot has changed since I helped with the  PTA and this activity. 20 tickets later, Walker is off to have some fun. Hunter just wants money and food. We throw squeezy, gushy frogs into pumpkin buckets. Next was using a water squirt foam tube gun to spray off the eyeballs sitting on top of different bottles. Searching through the hay to find treats is also fun. Unbeknownst to us, each child was to get 3 prizes. Walker found about 8. when he discovered the rules, he was quick to be honest and only kept three pieces of candy. Sweeping the pumpkin around the witches hats was not as easy as it looked. Knocking down the orange cones with a tiny pumpkin was done twice. A basketball hoop with a timer was probably the most expensive with a 3 ticket charge, but he seemed to like it the best.
There was the silent auction for nicely created baskets/boxes. Purchasing cupcakes took the place of a cake walk. There was a kids cake walk, but the prize if you landed on the correct number was a prize rather than a cake. There was the bouncy house and the pony rides, face painting and hair spraying. Pizza and hot dogs and popcorn was dinner for many to include my boys.
The work that went into creating this event was amazing. Everyone seemed to have fun playing the simple games. It was spread out and outside this year. Nice. Weather was perfect for it. We were not there but 45 minutes, but it was a delightful time. I enjoy the small community activities. Something our kids will remember too.

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