Saturday, January 09, 2010

A peaceful morning

One of my many New Years Resolutions was to ensure that I made time to do many of those things I enjoy. Walking, pleasure reading and blogging to name a few. Well, there have been many simple moments that made me smile and the thought of sharing them came to mind. I have not fulfilled my goal of making time each time I wanted to blog, but perhaps today is the beginning of a new habit. I may even blog about them today and change the date, so those who read would never know of my lateness. Hmmm?
I'm not sure if "global warming" is to blame, but Mother Nature fooled us yet again this week.
This past Thursday afternoon we heard and read of the 60% chance of snow for Thursday night and Friday morning. I cancelled a meeting at work on Friday, overstaffed so no one would be driving in the snow, prepared staff to stay over if needed, school was delayed by two hours on Friday and all the stores were filled with people stocking up.
On Thursday night at midnight, as I nursed my aching heart over the Championship football game where University of Texas lost to the Crimson Tide of Alabama, I noticed there was no white stuff on the ground. Temperatures remained in the high 30's. Up at 050o in the event I needed to pick up staff in our four-wheel drive truck (as if I'm the expert 4-wheel driver), but only a crisp cold morning was felt - no white stuff. So, the day continues as usual.
Today, Saturday January 9th, 2010 has a morning temperature of 22 degrees. Burrrrr! I'm enjoying my fresh hot coffee in my delightful new mug that Tim made me for Christmas with his last pottery batch. My warm electric stove that has a "fireplace" appeal is warming the sunroom. I have lit my Cranberry candle to add to the delight in the morning. The sun is shining bright and we finallly have all kinds of birds at our feeders. Golden finches and snow birds, I think is what they are. The boys, the Rabbitt, and the two dogs fill the room with what seems like chaos, yet smiles and love abound.
As I contemplate what to do today, as my list is long, blogging wins for the moment.

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