Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday, Day 3 in San Fran

Thursday -
Today is the first day of the Health Leadership Summit. This is part of the reason I am here this week. Our opening speaker was Robert Reich. A great public speaker. He has set the stage for what we are dealing with in healthcare as well as Healthcare Reform issues. This conference is different than any I have attended before. This is not just about nursing, nor just about leadership. It has a focus on the bigger global picture of healthcare. Although not my biggest priority, it has helped me appreciate the more complicated issues at hand.
Our 2nd speaker must have had too much caffeine. This was Tom Peters. although a dynamic speaker, he was much too aggressive for me. He also tended to jump from one issue to another and at the end, I"m not sure what his message was, other than working hard to eliminate errors is important. Duh!!
My day did not start until the afternoon, so this gave the boys some time to just chill out in the room and allowed Tim some time to venture out solo. He enjoyed the Revolutionary Cafe for a mid-morning breakfast. He then traveled to the Mission area, Valencia street. He treated us to lunch when he brought back some Foccia bread, Hummus dip with cucumbers and a pizza from Lucca's Italian restaurant. (The pizza was not hot - intended for city folks to take home and heat - no microwave for us :( Nonetheless we enjoyed the picnic in the hotel room.
We joined later to travel to Fisherman's Warf = quite commercialized. Our dinner destination was a burger joint called "In and Out". A cheap, good, standing room only place where you could get a hamburger and fry and drink - nothing else on the menu. The best part was the price. We all ate for less than $15. The highlight of the evening was riding the trolley car. We now can appreciate the Rice'a'Roni commercial! As we waited for our ride, a street person played his horn for tips while his pet Rabbit hopped here and there. Walker decided he wanted an orange rabbit as a pet and he would call him "Pet".
Another full day for all of us!

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mamabird said...

Joy, I am so glad you are documenting your adventures in California! I'm having a great time reading about all that you're doing and seeing.

It's been 8 years, I think, since we were in San Francisco, but I still remember many vivid memories from the trip. I know the cool weather isn't what you'd planned on, but it is absolutely sweltering back here in NC, so enjoy it on our behalf!!

Can't wait to hear more about the rest of your trip. Say hi to everyone for us! love, ashley and co.