Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day One - Texas trip

April 14th - My first day of my Texas trip. Up at 0500, busy packing, cleaning and getting the boys ready for their adventure. Saying bye to all three of my boys as the deposited me at the airport was bittersweet. A week away seems forever. Seeing Danielle, my family and breathing the Texas air will just have to be good medicine. Flight went well, without interruption and chaos. "I can see miles and miles of Texas" - yee ha! The weather is sunny and in the 80's. I had a little burger at Whataburger - a favorite hamburger chain of Tim's when we visit. I then stopped at an HEB Plus.
Wow! It is the Texas food store chains version of Wal-mart. Imagine....loud, very loud Hispanic music playing as you enter this huge store with groceries and all kinds of stuff. There were people everywhere. Welcome to the city! Whew! I survived this adventure and joined Jerry and Leesa at her house. A peaceful ranch style home out in the county. Beautiful. I finally got to meet Blake and Bailey! They are so precious. We then enjoyed some Mexican food - Tim would have loved the simple, family owned Restaurant out in the middle of nowhere.
Great food! Even better was the company! Day one- fun and happiness abounds.

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