Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hunter's 9th Birthday

Our little boy is now 9! It seems like yesterday he was climbing in and out of the kitchen cabinets or trying to cut down the Walnut tree in the back yard! For this years celebration, we started with cupcakes for his class. Nothing like sending home a bunch of 3rd graders with a sugar rush! Then it was….yes…it was CAMPING!!! For any of you that know me, “roughing” it in the cold, sleeping on the hard ground, no running water or indoor facilities sounds absolutely dreadful. As a kid – campling on the riverbanks was awesome! And then age set in! the reality of the finer things in life was made real! “Camping?” I asked at least five times to Hunter. “Are you sure?” It only took a few “Please! Mom!” for me to soften and agree – for only ONE night! Organizing, packing, unpacking, worrying, freezing, the packing up and then unpacking at home – suffice it to say, camping is a lot of work! As a family – the Carolina girl coming home as well – we traveled to Baden Lake to “enjoy” nature. My guardian angel was at my side – the campsite had running water! Indoor facilities only 38 steps from our campground! And the weather was great! Fishing was fun. Hunter enjoyed all the festivities of camping and a nice birthday cupcake moment as well. Grandmother and Grandaddy came up too! I think it will be a birthday celebration he will always remember!

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