Monday, September 25, 2006

Fishing but not Catching

Our vacation has officially begun! We arrived on Ocracoke yesterday after a nice ride and an even nicer ferry ride. We arrived at on the island to find that Ray Green had prepared us a wonderful meal. And the house, fantastic! Very, very nice.
After a little catch up sleep today, we started later by going to the beach and fishing. Here you can see Joy, looking good as usual, Fishing but not Catching. The day is a little overcast and windy, kind of unsettled. Maybe better luck and weather tomorrow.
We have Joy's brother Jerry and his son Rowdy here, Chubby and Sallie, Ray and his son Dillon and Joy, Hunter, Walker and myself here. Next door, we have an all Green house with Jerry and Ruth, Steven, Katherine and Emma, Stewart and Sandra and Ray's brother Mike and his son Ryan.
Wish us good luck and good weather as the week progresses!

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