Saturday, July 29, 2006

Texas Summer Adventure 2006

I think it was Bob Wills that sang the song that keeps running around in my head. “I’ve seen miles and miles of Texas.” It’s our usual annual trip back home and we continue our tradition of trying to see something new. It’s as much for me – although raised in Texas-as it is for my kids. There is so many things I haven’t seen. It mainly became an idea for my husband. He enjoys driving and sight seeing, so it adds a little something extra to our trip. Then we also have the need for tradition for our kids. It’s important as they are growing up for them to experience different things and have memories to talk about in their old age! Thus, our family tradition of “an adventure” on our trip to Texas.

I do not have any great stories like those of the Griswalds, just recollections of family times together. After depositing Nana at 5am at Mr. C's restraurant where a friend met us, we arrived at my dad's. One of things I enjoy most is being on the patio or carport in the early morning, before the 100 degree weather kicks in, and enjoying the breeze. The sounds of all the roosters crowing and the barking dog in the distance just adds to the moment. This trip we have no agenda other than: eating lots of Mexican food, eating beef bar-b-que, and jumping in the Frio River!
We had lots of fun. My little brother and his son Rowdy stayed with us. I got to see my best friend Becky and my aunt and uncle as well as good ole "mom". (She's the crazy, gray-headed, best friend of my mom Sallie and who also kept the girls when they were little. She keeps you smiling and holding your breath at the same time because you never know what will come out of her mouth.)
Tim and Brittney found a new local coffee shop with internet access. My mom and the girls and I found some great deals at yard sales and thrift stores. Poppa found the patience of Christmas as he played checker and card game after card game with all the grandkids. A trip to Chalk Bluff found some cool relief to the blistering hot days. Tim and Brittney and Danielle went on a treasure hunt (sshhhh!) without success though. The "bluff" they were supposed to climb was no longer accessible. Hunter got to jump from a rope swing on a tree into the river -just like the kids in the Country Time Lemonaide commercial. He thought that was pretty cool. Another day we went to the river down below my parents house. Again, the water refreshing and cool. Rowdy and Hunter and JT built a dam to make a small swimming area for all. Tim found some white river rocks to add to our aquariums at home. Lots of fun in the sun!

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